When Should You Replace Your Sump Pump? 

Many of us don’t think much about the rarely seen appliance that is situated down in the basement that protects our home from the major water damage. This appliance is known as sump pump. Until the sump pump stops working, people don’t think about them. When a sump pump stops working then water rushes into the home and ruins everything that comes into its way. So, it is very important to either repair the sump pump immediately or replace them in order to stop the damage. There are various reasons why a sump pump stops working but the most common one is that its switch stops working. Therefore, you should try to buy a sump pump with dual float switch. If their primary switch doesn’t work then its secondary switch would take over before it causes any damages. Another most common reason for sump pump failure is its battery backup. There are many other reasons too for the sump pump to stop working. If your sump pump stops working then make sure that you hire a good and reputed plumber.

As we know that sump pump is an electrical device and electrical devices generally don’t give much warning before they stop working, we shouldn’t delay replacing them. The sump pump can either prove to be the best protection against various kinds of household damages or it can prove to be your greatest problem. Many homeowners wait until the last moment when the sump pump stops working, to seek replacement. They don’t realize that they can save money if they take action on time. They tend to ignore this appliance until they malfunction. If regular maintenance is done then the sump pump would not only work for a longer period but the homeowner would know when they should replace them. The money that would be used for its maintenance would be much lesser than its replacement cost. So, you need to ensure that your sump pump is regularly maintained. Below are few tips that you need to follow while using a sump pump.

· Firstly, you need to hire a good and reputed plumber for maintaining your sump pump in the proper way. Make sure that you call a plumber on a regular basis for a thorough inspection so that they can give you the best advice. Due to their experience in plumbing, a plumber would know about the best time to replace your sump pump. A plumber would know that the sump pump is going bad if they hear any kind of strange noises from it, if it vibrates excessively while running, infrequent usage of the pump, if it runs all the time, irregular cycling, visible rust, etc.

· Another important thing is that you need to replace your sump pump every 10 years and don’t wait for your basement to be flooded. You need to understand that replacement of sump pump can sometimes be cheaper than replacement of many other things that are destroyed due to the failure of the sump pump. For example your carpet, family heirlooms, drywall, etc can be destroyed due to the failure of the sump pump.

· You would be able to have peace of mind during the spring rains if your sump pump is in the best condition.

· You need to understand that if the sump pump is very old then instead of repairing them, you should consider replacing them. The old sump pump which need repair would continue to need repair more frequently.