Tips To Save Money on Plumbing Problems

Let’s face it, in today’s economy, we are all trying to save a little bit of money.

Below are some tips that could help you to save money on some of your household plumbing repairs.

1)      Prevention

Neglect is the major cause of plumbing problems happening and escalating. You can do minor plumbing repairs on your own so that these problems do not escalate. Example – if you have a dripping faucet, don’t let it go on for too long. First of all, it’s annoying, and secondly, it’s an easy fix.  By replacing the cartridge or washer yourself, you can have the problem solved in less than 30 minutes. AC Plumbing Construction

2)      Buy your own parts

Most plumbers will be happy to work just for labor if you supply the parts. But be prepared. Ask your  Clearwater Plumber before he comes down exactly what parts he will need.

3)      Always use a qualified plumber

Nothing is worse than paying twice for the same job.  Let’s face it, you know we’ve all done this. Uncle Max has a friend of a friend whose son does plumbing on the side.  He’ll do the job for $50. He comes down, replaces a broken faucet, but doesn’t use the correct epoxy on the pipes. Three days later the pipe comes apart and your kitchen is flooded. Can you get a hold of him? No. Now it’s time to call in the big guns, which will cost you a lot more than $50. Was it worth it?

4)      Try to save your plumber time

If you know your plumber will be working under your sink, clear it out. Remember, your plumber is working on an hourly basis.  Don’t let him waste time doing your job.

5)      Get your money’s worth

If your job only takes 40 minutes, but your plumber is charging you for an hour, have him check out all your other faucets, water heater, etc. There may be another minor problem that he can fix without having to come back and charge you again.

6)      Check for permits

If you are doing a large renovation, check with your city department to see if you need a plumbing permit. You could be fined or shut down until you get the necessary permission.

7)      Quotes, Quotes, Quotes

If you are having major plumbing repairs, always get at least 3 quotes. Compare each quote to see what is included. Remember, the lowest isn’t always the best.

8)      References

Always check references from your plumber. You may hear his name around town, but it might be for the wrong reasons.