Plumbing Tips For The Fall

With every season comes a to-do-list of chores that must be done in order to prepare your home for the change in weather. As fall arrives and the temperature begins to drop, you should prepare your plumbing in the home, as well. Spending a little time, in the beginning, can save you money in the end.

The Outside:

Make sure you check all of your faucets outside for any drips or leaks. If any repairs are needed, they should be done before the temperatures drop to freezing. When pipes become frozen, the pipes can crack and break due to build-up of water pressure. Over 200 gallons of water can be lost through the tiniest crack each day which will cost you an extra expense with your water bill.

Always make sure your water hoses are a disconnect from the faucets outside. Hoses can freeze up in cold weather and cause in connecting pipes to break, including the ones that lead to the inside of your home.

Keep all of your gutters cleaned so they can drain properly as any ice or snow begins to melt during the winter months.

Inside Your Home:

Close all shut-off valves inside your home the lead to any faucet outside and drain the lines of water. These valves are not something that is found in all home, but it is important to protect them in homes that do.

Remove any sediment, that may have built up in your water heater. This buildup can cause your heater to no longer work properly at heating water as it attempts to work harder in the winter months. Sediment can be removed by connecting a hose to the bottom of your tank and draining the old water.

Don’t Forget the Holiday Trips:

With the fall months, come the holidays. Many families get so wrapped up in planning trips for the holidays, that they often do not think to protect the pipes from the freezing temperatures while they are gone. Before heading out, make sure your main water valve is shut off to your home. Taking these steps will keep your home safe from broken pipes during your holiday vacations. If you have any question on how to prepare your plumbing for the fall or run into any problems, it is always a good idea to call your plumber. These skilled professionals will help get your homes ready for the cold months ahead.

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