How To Find Your Water Shut-Off Valve Outside

Leaking faucets and toilets are the most common reasons for an emergency. However, other problems can cause water damage like carbon monoxide leaks and freezes. If you know where your water shut-off valve outside is, you can find it quickly and stop leaks before they get out of control.

1. Locate the meter

One of the most important things to know about locating your water shut-off valve outside is the location of your meter. The meter will usually be located in front or back yards, but it can be difficult to find because of its small size and lack of an obvious clue as to where you should look.

The first thing that you should do when trying to locate your water shut-off valve outside looks around for any signs that may help point out its location. If possible, try looking at areas such as windowsills or doorways; these are great places for finding things like screws and nails that could indicate where a pipe runs through some sort of structure (like a house).

2. Look for a valve near the curb

If you’re digging around your yard, be sure to look for a valve near the curb. You can also check in your front yard, on either side of your house, and near where you live.

If you have a well or septic system, then this may not apply to you at all. But if not (or if anyone else has moved into your house), then checking under those conditions is still worth considering because there are many different types of shutoffs available outside that could be used by people living inside their homes as well as those who don’t have access to running water inside their houses but do have one nearby outside!

3. Look for a valve near the house behind a door or hatch

If you’re lucky, your water shut-off valve will be visible behind a door or hatch. A good place to look is on the outside of your home. You may even see it through the window!

If you’ve got that kind of luck, great but don’t stop there just yet. The next step involves finding out if there are other ways for you to find this valve outside of your house…

4. Look for a valve in the basement or under the kitchen sink

Check the basement.
Check under the kitchen sink. Check under the bathroom sink.

If you know where your water shut-off valve outside is, you can stop leaks quickly

Don’t be afraid to use a wrench or screwdriver on the valve itself if it’s stuck together with other parts of the system. This will help prevent any damage to your pipes and fittings, which could cause more expensive repairs later down the road.


If you know where your water shut-off valve outside is, you can stop leaks quickly. The key is to know the location of each one so that you don’t have to use brute force when trying to turn it off or on. If one isn’t working for some reason (and we’ve all had those days), try another location until you find what works best for your house and family!